Street furniture design competition

FURNISH YOUR TOWN – street furniture design competition in Budapest 2015.
Applicants: Nikoletta Nagy and Bettina Kovacs
Project name: BBB – Budapest Building Bench, outdoor bench series

The competition published by the FŐKERT Nonprofit Zrt., the FKF Nonprofit Zrt., the Design Terminal, and Hello Wood received in total 256 project proposal by the applicants. The BBB – Budapest building bench project got nominated to the top 10 best projects apart from the first, second, and third place out of 248 projects.

„Furnish your town!” – or use your town as furniture? This approach led us to the idea of using building silhouettes. In order to have the public’s recognition we chose buildings in Budapest that define the culture and the architecture of the capital of Hungary. By redefining these objects we came up with different benches that are extendable, all-season, repetitive and vandal resistant.